Proteus Research


In creating the PR-15 project we collaborated with different EU-based companies, the goal of which is becoming the go-to AR-15 type rifle for shooters and professionals throughout Europe. The first and main iteration of this system is an all-purpose 12.5″ carbine offered as a built up “ready-to-go” weapon and training system (Mod. 1 — Full build list below), which enables us to bring you quality hardware at a seriously competitive price.


The base rifle is manufactured in Slovenia by Tinck Arms, featuring Magpul furniture and a custom Proteus RESGRU 11.5″ MLOK handguard utilizing the Tinck Arms clamping system. The package includes Silent Steel’s Compact Streamer flow-through suppressor and QD Muzzle Brake. Optics-wise we’ve partnered up with Optics Trade, who supply the Aimpont H2 Micro Reflex Sight which is mounted to the York Development Strutted Optic mount allowing for a more stand-up shooting posture improving situational awareness and ergonomics.


This build has been carefully developed and thought-through as the most optimal all-round usable and capable setup, with good parts availability, servicability and price-to-performance ratio. There have been no compromises made on quality of components and we believe the AR-15/PR-15 system is still on the cutting edge of adaptability, parts compatibility and ergonomics.


LOWER RECEIVER: Tinck forged MILSPEC, ambidextrous fire controls (45°/90° user-configurable)
TRIGGER: Tinck MILSPEC trigger

BUFFER: Tinck 6-position MILSPEC buffer tube, H1 Buffer, Standard buffer spring



UPPER RECEIVER: Tinck forged MILSPEC, Tinck forward assist

BCG: Tinck Arms bolt carrier group

BARREL: AREX 12.5 inch, cold hammer forged, government profile (1:7 twist, 1/2″ x28 UNEF)

GAS BLOCK: Tinck adjustable gas block, Tinck Carbine length gas tube

MUZZLE DEVICE: Silent Steel QD Muzzle Brake (ASE Utra/Silent Steel compatible thread)

HANDGUARD: Proteus Research Freefloat 11.5″ MLOK Handguard (Tinck Clamp)

Other options include the “naked” carbine (Mod. 0), which does away with the suppressor, optic & optic mount, and a SPR oriented upper receiver (Mod. 2 SPUR), which is currently under development.

There are still 7 complete PR-15 Mod. 1 builds available for purchase.

All rifles are currently sold through our friends at Trgovina Rajmond Debevec, for any additional information and orders, please contact us at or send us a message through our Instagram page.