In creating the PR-15 project we collaborated with different EU-based companies, the goal of which is becoming the go-to AR-15 type rifle for shooters and professionals throughout Europe. The first and main iteration of this system is an all-purpose 12.5″ carbine offered as a built up “ready-to-go” weapon and training system (Mod. 1 — Full build list below), which enables us to bring you quality hardware at a seriously competitive price.


The base rifle is manufactured in Slovenia by Tinck Arms, featuring Magpul furniture and a custom Proteus RESGRU 11.5″ MLOK handguard utilizing the Tinck Arms clamping system. The package includes Silent Steel’s Compact Streamer flow-through suppressor and QD Muzzle Brake. Optics-wise we’ve partnered up with Optics Trade, who supply the Aimpont H2 Micro Reflex Sight which is mounted to the York Development Strutted Optic mount allowing for a more stand-up shooting posture improving situational awareness and ergonomics.


This build has been carefully developed and thought-through as the most optimal all-round usable and capable setup, with good parts availability, servicability and price-to-performance ratio. There have been no compromises made on quality of components and we believe the AR-15/PR-15 system is still on the cutting edge of adaptability, parts compatibility and ergonomics.


LOWER RECEIVER: Tinck forged MILSPEC, ambidextrous fire controls (45°/90° user-configurable)
TRIGGER: Tinck MILSPEC trigger

BUFFER: Tinck 6-position MILSPEC buffer tube, H1 Buffer, Standard buffer spring



UPPER RECEIVER: Tinck forged MILSPEC, Tinck forward assist

BCG: Tinck Arms bolt carrier group

BARREL: AREX 12.5 inch, cold hammer forged, government profile (1:7 twist, 1/2″ x28 UNEF)

GAS BLOCK: Tinck adjustable gas block, Tinck Carbine length gas tube

MUZZLE DEVICE: Silent Steel QD Muzzle Brake (ASE Utra/Silent Steel compatible thread)

HANDGUARD: Proteus Research Freefloat 11.5″ MLOK Handguard (Tinck Clamp)

Other options include the “naked” carbine (Mod. 0), which does away with the suppressor, optic & optic mount, and a SPR oriented upper receiver (Mod. 2 SPUR), which is currently under development.


Batch 1 (Summer 2023) includes 20 rifles, orders for next batch are planned for Q4 2023.



All rifles are currently sold through our friends at Trgovina Rajmond Debevec, for any additional information and orders, please contact us at or send us a message through our Instagram page.